Sunday, July 27, 2014

Holly + Micah - wedding // Rittman, OH Portrait, Fashion & Wedding Photographer

As I arrived at Gish barn and walked up the gravel path I was greeted by a joyful group of people setting up the final details and Micah who showed me around and made sure I had everything I needed. Even from the very beginning I could tell that the day would be full of laughter and fun not laden with any stress or nervousness what so ever. Micah and Holly were so at peace with the life long commitment they were about to make and every smile and gesture was proof to that. One of the most memorable moments was holly walking down the isle and Micah seeing her for the first time; his eyes were welling with pride and love for his bride and holly's smile was brighter and wider than I've ever seen. The beautiful ceremony finished with cheers and uncontrollable smiles and they were tackled with hugs and congratulations from a ecstatic bridal party. 

Here's the story of the day Micah & Holly became husband and wife 



  1. You are so incredibly talented, Janelle. These are absolutely beautiful. And I love her color choice! Yellow is so bright and happy. ^_^

  2. These are gorgeous. You did a fantastic job, and they are an adorable couple.

  3. These are so amazing! Beautiful work!

  4. gahhh, MY HEART. these are so lovely, janelle. you captured everything so perfectly. the vibes are just perfection.
    and the last few with the sparklers are my favorites.