Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Jessica + Josh - Elopement // Lakeview Beach Lorain, OH Portrait, Fashion & Wedding Photographer

"I just can't believe I am actually married to you!"
 These were the words spoken to Jessica by Josh with the biggest smile I have ever seen - That one sentence summed up their day perfectly.

I have never seen two people more ecstatic to become husband and wife. Their smiles were endless and their love was so real and evident in every grin, touch, and glance.  I have been to countless weddings, met tons of brides/grooms, and been apart of capturing so many special moments, and yet something about this simple joining of two people touched me so deeply. There wasn't a schedule to follow, a reception to put together, a bridal party to clothe, a venue to schedule, just two people deeply in love with one another. Don't get me wrong, I love the traditional wedding and all the lovely details, but sometimes the events without the distractions of making everything perfect is what makes it perfect. 

It's your turn to be apart of and enjoy the love that Jessica and Josh share on one of the happiest days of their life. 

Jessica and Josh - 
I hope that 20, 40, or even 60 years from now you will be just as happy to be married as you were on your wedding day. I can't express how much I loved being apart of such a special day, your joy was contagious. I look forward to seeing how your marriage and love for each other grows throughout the years!
Love you two!


  1. These shots are gorgeous! I love the DOF and color tones! They are absolutely breathtaking! Great job Janelle!

  2. These are gorgeous! Your talent sure has grown! I wish we lived closer we could have fun taking pictures of each other!!

  3. Wow these are really good! They look like a professional photographer's work! Amazing!

  4. THE LAST THREE. i don't even have words, my heart.
    you completely captured the joy and love perfectly.
    these are just stellar.

  5. This set is really really good!!